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Fall Back!! Why we set our clocks back

Posted by cadmin on September 19, 2019
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Posted by David Scalf on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 at 12:29pm.

Time to set our clocks back
At 2:00 am Sunday November 4th clocks go back 1 hour bringing the end of daylight savings time. We set our clocks ahead in the summer to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. Daylight savings time began during World War I to conserve energy, then became the national standard in 1960’s. Studies show it conserves electricity for lighting, but may increase heating and air conditioning costs. So the jury is still out on whether it actually conserves energy. A poll conducted by the US DOT shows Americans prefer late summer evenings over the early morning daylight. The majority of us don’t wake in the morning before sunrise, so it makes sense that we don’t sleep through that daylight simply because of the man made construct of time.
It is believed that daylight savings time was first conceived by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. But it wasn’t until 1907 when a builder named William Willet noticed early one morning that neighbors shades were still drawn even though the sun had fully risen. Prompting him to write the pamphlet “Waste of Daylight”. William wrote,
“Everyone appreciates the long, light evenings. Everyone laments their shortage as Autumn approaches; and everyone has given utterance to regret that the clear, bright light of an early morning during Spring and Summer months is so seldom seen or used.”

I don’t think anyone appreciates losing an hour in the spring, (usually because it’s a lost hour of sleep) but I never hear any complaints when we fall back! So what will you do with your extra hour this Sunday?

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